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MUTI Onlus

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Contact Person: Riccardo Borzillo; Telephone Number: +39 3391335833; E-mail:;

We met Matteo Bottanelli, the actual president of the Association MUTI Onlus from Torino.
The Association was officially born in 2007, but Matteo and his friend Robin Goode, from South Africa, were working for several years to help some Township children in South Africa.

Muti Onlus 1MUTI Onlus is working to develop social and educational projects using sports, in particular the game of soccer.
During those years, they succeeded involving the FIGC (The Federal Association for the Game of Soccer), some professional soccer teams and several athletic associations.
Their main objective is to collect shoes, T-shirts, balls and other technical equipment they send to the countries they collaborate with. At the moment, MUTI Onlus is working actively in 10 countries: South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ghana, D.R. of Congo, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Mali.

The name of the Association has a double meaning. MUTI is the acronym of Humanitarian Movement for Children Protection. At the same time muti in the zulù language is the translation of tree and medicine. The Association wants to drive the game of soccer as a social medicine to help children’s growth.
The Association’ s logo has a tree drawn inside: an acacia chosen because of its great growth with a little effort.

Here the main projects developed during the last years:
– “A Shoe for a Dream”;
– “One World Futbol”.

All the projects on the field are managed by local employees and only supervised by Italian volunteers.

Among the MUTI Onlus future objectives, there is the will to start a new collaboration in Brazil and to start new eco-tourism projects in Madagascar.???????????????????????????????

In Italy the Association realizes fundraising events and initiatives for migrants and extra-communitarian young people and children by organizing soccer competitions.
They started a collaboration with the Association Balon Mondial as well.

Whoever would like to collaborate with MUTI Onlus should contact them by e-mail writing to

Xlestrade asked to leave a message for our friends. The message is a consideration on games as a useful instrument for children education and growth: “To play is a fundamental right that could never be denied to a child because it is not only an undeniable playful activity, but mostly a fundamental educational mean”.

We want to thank Matteo and the Association MUTI Onlus for their friendship! Xlestrade “knows” now the game of soccer as a formative mean. Now we can put in our backpack a “ball”! We will share it with those we are going to meet during our path!

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