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La nostra Africa Onlus

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Contact Person: Giorgio Girella, Telephone Number: +39 3356788136, E-mail:,

In this article, we want to present the history of this organization that focuses on the Maasai people, a community grown along the idea of path.
A new connection built with a lot of enthusiasm, born as a coincidence.

110We met Giorgio Girella, the actual president of La nostra Africa Onlus, association seated in Bologna since 2008 and started by people coming out different backgrounds and international experiences.
They work in South Kenya, in the Kajiado district, with the Maasai community.
The collaboration followed a request of help from the chief village of the district to one of the associate.

Choosing La nostra Africa as the name of the organization, the volunteers meant to live their experience in Africa as the Maasai used to, by sharing their culture and traditions.

The main objective of the organization is to help this people, formed by shepherds and migrants, prevent their migration to the capital Nairobi, and avoid the abandonment of their livestock.
Here are several of the projects started during the past years, all in accordance with the local community:
– educational support to the local children, to allow them to grow in their own land: the Savana;
– well drilling;
– construction of a nursery school.

Now, La nostra Africa Onlus works with 4 Maasai communities where the organization is financing the construction of a school each.Picture 145
Since 2003 the association is focalizing its attention on women rights by developing the general consciousness against the phenomenon of feminine genital mutilations (FGM).

Xlestrade asked about the future projects.
By 2014 the organization is planning to open the Maasai Mama Africa Center (MMAC), with the main objective to provide sanitary help to pregnant Maasai women and educate the population against the feminine genital mutilation ceremony.

In Italy La nostra Africa Onlus is conducting several awareness campaigns by using the social networking, by organizing events and school projects.

Volunteering activities are always welcome. Moreover, the association organize 2 work camps during 3 weeks in August and September.

We asked for a message the organization wants to leave to our readers.
The message is an invite to inform and to understand: “The knowledge of a problem is the starting point to find the solution”.

Xlestrade wants to thank Giorgio and all the La nostra Africa Onlus friends for their availability and their friendship! We want to wish them to “have a good way” and by walking through the same way, we will meet again!