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Karibuni Onlus Bologna

logo Karibuni copia

Contact Person: Patrizia Gualandi; Telephone Number: +39 3397757937; +39 0516252141;
E-mail:; Website:

Xlestrade met Patrizia Gualandi and Mauro Raggioli, both members and supervisors of Karibuni Onlus Bologna.
DSC_1030The headquarters of the organization Karibuni Onlus are in San Lazzaro of Savena (Bologna).
The idea of this organization was born in 1989 because of some girls journey in Tanzania, organized to meet a friend. During the journey came to their attention the orphanage of Mgolole, close to Morogoro, 200 km to Dar El Salam, ran by a group of Tanzanian nuns. Since that moment, the two girls have decided to finance the structure.

Karibuni is a swahili word that means “welcome”. The choice of this word, as a greeting, wants to underline the will to embrace everyone that would like to approach the activities of this organization.

Here several of their projects:
– purchase of 6 cows and 1 bull and opening of a shed;
– annual distance adoptions in the whole at 200 euro per quota;
– scholastic support for the children in the orphanage and in the villages in the neighborhood;
– scholastic and university support to several girls;
– implementation of different projects relevant for the local community.

Moreover, during the past years, beyond the Mgolole orphanage, Karibuni Onlus has built different collaborationsDSC_8006 with 4 orphanages: in Rulenge (on the Rwanda border), in Tosamanganga (close to Iringa), in Ukwama (close to Mahenge) and in Kondoa (close to Dodoma).
To conclude, they work with a local organization to manage microcredit projects, finalized to help the educational career of poor family’s children.
The main objective and purpose of all the projects is education, as a fundamental component of any social development.

Xlestrade asked to Karibuni Onlus about their future projects. The answer is that, for the moment, they want to maintain their actual commitments on the field. In the future, the objective is to start new relations with different local partners, to build a new group that could better manage and supervise the activities.

In Italy Karibuni Onlus Bologna coordinate fundraising events, youth exchange of photos and draws, between Italian and Tanzanian participants in first and second grade schools, other than discovery paths of Tanzanian history, traditions and culture.

Some information has been taken for people that would like to collaborate with the association. It is possible to volunteer with them in Italy and in Tanzania. Karibuni Onlus organize summer group-trips every year, from February.

The message from the organization come from R. Follerau: “If a lot of people of a little significance in a lot of places of a little significance will do things of a little significance, they will change the earth face”.

We want to thank Karibuni Onlus for their availability and the experience that they’ve shared with us. Karibuni is among our friends! Let’s add their “little” in our backpack that is for us “a lot” in the project!!