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Janai Lang


Contact Person: Luca Viada, Ilaria Campa; Telephone Number: +39 3457013227 – +39 3483980447;

Xlestrade met Luca Viada and Ilaria Campa.
Luca and Ilaria told us about Janai Lang, a group of girls and boys of Turin, which was formed in December 2013 as an autonomous and self-sufficient structure.
Janai Lang means, in the dialect of Khasi, together in harmony. The Khasi dialect is a language spoken by the homonymous ethnic group present in Meghalaya, a region located in north-east India.
IMG_8711The group was founded, however, as a project in 2011 within the ARCI Shanti and Scianti of Turin, with the name of Disability camp India.
The first goal was to understand the Indian local reality and, through time, to start a collaboration with a local NGO, Bethany Society, with which some relationships have been established before.
Bethany Society works in Shillong, capital of Meghalaya, where it runs a school for disabled children and an hostel.
The school is divided into two parts, one for deaf children and the second aimed at children with other disabilities.
The hostel houses instead about 100 children, who come from families with financial difficulties.
In addition, there is a Vocational Training Centre, which is a school of crafts that would allow students a work placement.

The role of Janai Lang, within the structure, is to create animation projects and knowledge during the summer.
Currently two summer camps have been made as well as a journey of knowledge occurred in 2011.
During the camp of 2012 a project based on the recycling of paper was realized, in collaboration with Arci Bazura.
In 2013 a cooking class was created. The course was aimed at the teaching of the Italian cuisine prepared with local ingredients.

Xlestrade asked what are the plans for the future.
The current goal is to form a partnership, thus acquiring independence and greater transparency.
As regards to the projects in India, they told us, the group is receiving several requests from the local community.IMG_9005
In the next summer camp, in August 2014, the cooking class will be proposed again, with a focus on baking, that is to say the preparation of bread, biscuits, pizzas etc.. Among the future goals they mind to give some training contribute in farming and ranching, to deepen their knowledge of the population living in villages around the area and to start some structured play paths to stimulate the motor activity of the boys.

In Italy Janai Lang realizes events and parties in order to self-financing. There are currently 6/8 people working together. They are friends who have no claim to change the world but to organize trips of knowledge of the local situation. They are available to accommodate new people interested in collaborating with them. After this training program you can make summer camp in India.

We asked them to leave a message.
The message is intended to give an idea of the importance of individual and subjective component in the things that are made: “I am not the person who tells you to go and do, but you leave and you are the project”.

We thank friends Janai Lang for the meeting and for the friendship. We’ll follow them as they grow! Good luck !