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Abarekà Nandree Onlus

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Contact Person: Marzia Saglia; Telephone Number: +39 3475213205; E-mail:;

Xlestrade met Marzia Saglia, the Abarekà Nandree Onlus referent, association seated in Milano since 2002.
Abarekà Nandre Onlus works in Mali and in India, another experience built “along the street” started as an exchange among friends in those countries. Moreover, the actual president Antonella Freggiaro arrived in Mali because of a meeting with a Malian woman in Berlin.

The name of the association is a thanksgiving. Both the words mean “thanks”.
Abarekà came from the native tongue of Mali, the bambarà. Nandree came from tamil the native language of Tamil Nadu, region in the south of India where the association works.

131218_mali3_003-208Here are several of the projects Abarekà Nandree Onlus has realized.
In Mali the organization acts in the south of the country, close to the capital city Bamako, by developing 3 main projects:
– scholastic sustain to children of the local schools;
– water well purification;
– erection and equipment of health care facilities centers (maternity centers, mobile clinics and free visits in the villages);
– building of a masonry school in the Toye village;
– new mechanic wills and new machineries for cereal production;
– management of a new communitarian cereals bank, by using the microcredit procedures.

Since 2012, courses and lab are being organized on the non-violence subject in the local schools for 850 children.

In India the organization develops educational and sanitarian projects for children in the schools of Tamil Nadu villages. The association organizes health care facilities and prevention campaigns in the rural areas close to 100_7383Chennai, Kanchipuram and Chengalput.

Xlestrade asked for the future projects of Abarekà Nandree Onlus.
The main objective of the association is the implementation of socio-educational and sanitation projects. In Mali, they want to focus on the non-violence lab and the realization of communitarian vegetable gardens in favor of local women.

In Italy, they realize fundraising events and consciousness campaigns on the solidarity between the north and the south of the world, they organize dinners, soirées, they participate to local fairs etc. Since October 2014, they are planning to realize a non-violence path in collaboration with Cascina Cuccagna in the south of Milano.

For volunteering on the field with the association is necessary to develop a fact-finding mutual path. A minimal preparation is necessary to understand how to act in very different contests from our usual way of living.

The message they want to leave to Xlestrade’s friends is: Nothing is more valuable than an Abarekà Nandree (Thanks)! Reciprocity and sharing are the keys of the world.

Xlestrade wants to … abarekà nandree to Marzia and all the association’s friends! We wish them to go along their path aware that we will meet again!!