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Yatra Onlus

logo yatra copiaContact Person: Paolo Manzone, Telephone Number: +39 3898097765, E-mail:,

YATRA ONLUS is an association which is developing its projects in INDIA.

It was born in 2005, after a request made by a missionary, PADRE PAOLO, who has been already working for some years and who has founded a multifunctional centre at RANCHI neighborhood, capital city of Jharkhand province.


IMG_0395Thanks to some of his friends in different parts of Italy, especially PISA, ROMA, SALERNO, GROSSETO and VITTORIA (SICILIA), TORINO and VALSESIA in VERCELLESE AREA (PIEMONTE), the project could have its first spread. Presently, its members are about 50, especially between TORINO and VALSESIA.

The first project supported by YATRA ONLUS, was the multifunctional centre in which there are an elementary school, a library, a dispensary, an IT centre for post school activities. A floor is designed for tailor’s activities for women.
The group has been becoming bigger and bigger through time, opening its doors to other members, thank also to some travels made by voluntaries in the ASIAN country.
In loco, project has been extending with other two congregations: a dispensary and a centre for disabled. Consequently it became a clinic.
Other projects (they are many and ongoing) concern material distribution coming from the tailor laboratory in fair trading small shops in Italy, distance adoption for scholastic support, training for young in IT sector and English learning.
TAILOR PROJECT aims at the establishment of an autonomous cooperative.
The English training centre is extremely important for all the guys who want to join the work world, allowing them to study for the entrance exam.
A present goal is to open some education and self development centers in order to cause an expansion avoiding the arising of social problems.
YATRA ONLUS collaborates with ADIVASI ethnic group. They are India original inhabitants, better know also as tribal people, still living in villages.
In JAREYA village, it supports the construction of a building in which there could be the elementary school, the secondary school and professional classes, in order to achieve self-maintenance goal.

In Italy, some cultural education meetings were organized through a study campus in 2007. One topic, among many others, tried to understand resistances of natives towards territory exploitation.

A book called “JOHAR JHARKHAND. NOTES ABOUT RESEARCH ON THE FIELD AMONG JHARKHAND IMG_0536ADIVASI” was published at the end of the seminars.

XLESTRADE asked for some information for those who may be interested in joining this initiative. They told us it is possible to become volunteers. Members could be divided into 2 groups: those who could deep into the themes developed by the association and those who could be more operative.
After this kind of journey, you could go to India, to live a great experience.They could be split into promoters of tailor products and administrators, involved in fundraising.
Another chance could be to leave and to do research activity, in order to write down the thesis. Up to now, 3 thesis have been written.
In India there is an expatriate collaborator dealing with support to women activities.

This is YATRA ONLUS message: “You should not act for someone, but rather to grow and act with someone.” Experiences make us grow. They are not secondary but important for our life.

A special thank to YATRA ONLUS for its friendship and we wish GOOD YATRA in India!